Polvoron Recipe for Home-Based Food Business

One of the most sought-after items and a favorite gift to give to overseas friend and family is the polvoron. This sweet treat is basically made using toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and melted butter that is pressed in a special mold.

You can take advantage of this demand and make a profitable business out of it even while at home. In fact, there is such a huge demand for polvoron as shown in a survey conducted by the Business section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last 2007. Also, the Goldilock’s Bakeshop named polvoron as their top-selling item that sold more than their cakes.


There are many flavors of it such as pinipig, peanut, pili, cashew, cookies and cream, classic and chocolate. You may experiment on some other flavors and make your products unique. Also, you can sell it in school canteens, carinderias and public places where there are foot traffic. In addition, you may prefer ready to orders that comes in creative boxes and packaging as special gifts or give away for different occasions.


Here is an easy polvoron recipe you can try in starting this food business. Don’t hesitate to try new flavors or using other ingredients on satisfying your ideal product.

Special Polvoron Recipe

Materials needed:

Mixing bowl
Measuring cups and spoons
Wooden spoon
Japanese paper or cellophane
Polvoron molder


Polvoron Ingredients:

4 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups powdered milk
1 1/2 cup melted butter
2 cups sugar


Procedure on how to make Polvoron:

  1. On a pan, toast flour in moderate heat for about 15 minutes, or until light brown, stirring constantly to avoid burning.
  2. Remove the pan and transfer the mixture into a big bowl.
  3. Add the powdered milk, and toss for another 3-4 minutes.
  4. Add sugar and melted butter. Mix well.
  5. Fill the polvoronmould with the mixture, press it hard by using a spoon, then release it. If it is still too loose, add more butter or olive oil. Make sure that you could pick up the polvoronwithout it crumbling straight away.
  6. Place the polvoronin an airtight container, then chill in the fridge until firm.
  7. Carefully wrap the polvoronindividually in japanese paper or cellophane.
  8. Keep the polvoronrefrigerated until you want to eat them. You can store them on the fridge for about a week, or you can freeze them.

Polvoron Recipe 2

Polvoron Ingredients:

1 cup plain flour
1 1/2 cup full cream powder milk
1/2 cup sugar ( preferable very fine sugar)
1 cup melted butter or half margarine half butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup roasted pinipig

Polvoron Preparation:

Step 1. Roast the flour in a wok (slow heat to avoid burning)


Step 2. Roast flour until it is slightly brown

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Step 3. Take it off the heat

Step 4. Mix milk, sugar, pinipig, salt and melted butter with the flour

Step 5. Blend them together


Step 6. Try your molder. Mold one and if it is still too loose, add more butter to it. make sure that you could pick up the polvoron without it crumbling straight away

Step 7. Wrap them with papel de hapon.

Try this simple polvoron recipe and sell it to your friends, stores and even to pasalubong shops to make an additional income into your pocket. This can be a great business idea after all.