Kutsinta Recipe for Home-Based Food Business

If you are a typical homemaker who wants to start a small business or generate additional income to increase the family’s monetary requirements, you could consider making and selling rice cakes or kakanin as a good business idea. Aside from low capital requirement, the main ingredients are readily available and the recipe is so simple.

Kutsinta is one of those well-known popular types of kakanin in the market. No wonder that many Filipinos love this not just because of its unique taste but also because it can fill the stomach like the rice meals do. Perhaps, it is a good source of carbohydrates that is required energy to perform daily duties.


Classified as a sticky rice cake, kutsinta is perfectly described as a reddish-brown colored and served with shredded coconut. It is commonly available in retail per piece or per box containing a dozen or even more. There are possibility to grow the small capital you will spend by three times or more, making it an ideal business particularly if you can sell hundreds of pieces in a day.


Also, it is staple in many traditional occasions such as fiesta, birthdays, and family gatherings, making it a marketable home-made product. You may also accept orders from customers and friends who are organizing such events.

In making kutsinta, make it sure to have enough muffin pans that are locally available and an ordinary steamer. Here are the ingredients needed to prepare a dozen pieces.




  •    Half cup of glutinous rice flour
  •    Half a cup of rice flour
  •    2 tablespoons of lihia or Chinese lye water
  •    A cup and a half of water
  •    ¾ cup of brown sugar
  •    A drop of red liquid food color
  •    Cooking oil
  •    Grated coconut (for serving)


  1.    Dissolve brown sugar in water and heat the solution. Add lihia. Remember not to make the solution boil.
  2.    Put in glutinous rice flour and rice flour. Thoroughly dissolve it in the solution.
  3.    Strain the mixture to get rid of lumps. Put a drop of food color.
  4.    Brush your muffin pans with little oil to prevent sticking of the rice cake into each. Pour the mixture halfway into each pan.
  5.    Steam all muffin pans with the mixture for at least 25 minutes or until the mixture solidifies in every pan.
  6.    Set aside afterwards and let the pans cool down. Remove from each pan and serve with grated coconut.