Ingredients of Success: What are the tycoons made of?

In this poverty stricken country,  people really aspire to be one and look up to the different successful tycoons of this generation. Names like John Gokongwei, Henry Sy, George Ty are just some of the admired businessmen of today. But, have you ever asked yourselves the questions, how were they able to attain that level? Or what were the needed ingredients to become like them? Well if you are really curious on how they achieved that level, here are some tips for you.

Becoming the next big tycoon is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of effort, a lot of hard work and a lot of passion all together. As George Ty has said, “anyone who wants success should be able to pay the price whether in terms of hard work or discipline”. So to make it easy for you, here’s four ingredients to success!


  1. Work hard and work smart!

Success is not an overnight phenomenon. It is not something that can be given by a genie or a magician. It is a process that can take a person years of working hard and working smart. Working hard is about putting all your efforts and skills to achieve what you aspire to be. It is putting everything that you have and risking it to gain that favor in return. But working hard solely is not enough. You also have to work smart. Working smart is about thinking the most efficient way on how you can become or how you can achieve your goal. It is not enough that you ‘do’, you also have to ‘think smart’. Even if it will take a couple of years, never give up. Remember that ‘nothing worthy comes easy”.


  1. Be disciplined!

So you have worked hard and worked smart, but what else? You have to have discipline – in all aspects of your life. You have to physically discipline yourself because what will you do with all the money that you will be having in the future if you have lose that physical ability to enjoy it? Be emotionally disciplined. Failures are part of growing up and growing big. Make your failures your reason to fight stronger and smarter. Do not let your scars bring you down. Be mentally disciplined! Focus on your goals and not on something else. Think of bright things ahead. Do time management! As a blossoming businessman, establish your reputation. And being always on time is a good mark.


  1. Keep it low-key!

You should never boast about something that you have. You should never display things you know are eye-catchy. People in high society do not do that, only poseur do that. Do not brag on social media. Being low-key is a thing about successful businessmen, because they are humble enough to not display or envy others with what they have. Tycoons want to be appreciated not envied. So it is best to keep it low-key.


  1. Frugality is the key!

One interesting things about tycoons and successful businessmen is that they are very frugal. frugal , in the sense that they do not deprive themselves, but in the sense that they want to live a simple life. Even some of them came from poverty, they still do not think that luxury is good. Even if they can afford it, they opt to just live with simplicity. It is inspiring to know that they do this because they think of their wealth as ‘heard-earned money’ not money to just be wasted on superficial and material possessions.


All these qualities are vital to achieve that social status that they have. But remember that there is no single or absolute ingredients to success, but each his own. Capitalize on what you have and what you aspire to be. Work uniquely to achieve it! These four may have worked for Henry Sy and the like, but you might be needing extra ingredient, so take your time. Remember that success is an overnight phenomenon.

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